I am Elisha Caster and I am happy to be here in this healing space with you.
My entire life has been devoted to assisting people with love, compassion and service. These characteristics lead me to earn my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, and to become a Life Coach, Reiki Master and Psychic Medium. I love each and every day that I get to work with individuals like yourself. Using my training and intuitive guidance is the most rewarding gift that I have to share. So thank you for dropping by, and I look forward to working with you!

My Belief 
Keep it simple, clean and clear. To utilize our potential, we must take the first step and be willing to accept our role in the way our life has unfolded, and the circumstances that have influenced what exists in our lives at this very moment. We are currently in the job we have, house we have, relationships we have and so on because of the choices (or intentions) we have made and the experiences we have had. Every changeable aspect of our life comes back to our ability to set intentions. This is free will. Let’s use our free will to our advantage and set intentions with our full awareness.

Intentions are tools that can lead to transformation when we nurture and support them. It is that simple! I believe that by designing clean, clear intentions, we are utilizing the energy that is around us to fulfill our hopes and dreams. A clear intention is a desired change that benefits your happiness and aligns with your goals. A clean intention is a path free of negative energy such as; fear, jealousy or vengeance, and full of positive energy such as; hope, joy and acceptance. 

So what happens when there is confusion, frustration or doubt? This may interfere with our intentions and create roadblocks. Or... we can accept that these feelings are present to create opportunity for us to transform something about ourselves as a means to further align with our intentions. In my opinion, this is the sweet spot, and although it can be bumpy and doesn’t always feel good, this is where our power lies. Helping others take the steps necessary to move intentions into manifestation is what I am passionate about. Empowerment is your birth right, and you deserve to have the life you are born to live. 

© 2016 by Elisha Caster

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