The Transpersonal Method

This 8 Week Course has been designed to teach you how to apply The Transpersonal Method to yourself and others. If you are an existing Coach, Therapist or Energy Healer this course will help you to work more effectively with your clients. In this course we explore how our emotions and feelings are designed to engage us in making changes in our lives. We learn to recognize them as information that has come to serve us.

This method will help you to find clarity, release anxiety, align with your potential, accept your emotions and feelings and align to your authenticity with grace.

During the 8 Week Course you will learn how to:

Create a Healing Perspective

Develop the Healer's Mindset

Hold Space and Set the Stage for transformation

Apply a Hands on Energy Healing Process

Use The Transpersonal Method- step by step

Use NLP techniques and tools to identify secondary gains

Align with your intuition and how to apply it in the healing environment

Classes start on November 13th at 6:30

Cost of Class: $250

There will be a consultation prior to being accepted into the program. 

Please contact Elisha for more details: 

Spaces are limited!


Reiki is a hands on healing modality used to relieve stress while working directly with our energy body to promote healing. Elisha was trained in, and teaches the Traditional Usui Method and she is honored to be sharing this modality with others.

Within these Reiki courses, you will learn; the history of reiki, the techniques used to work with this energy, and how to enhance your practice as you grow. You will also receive the necessary attunements to open you to this life force energy, and to bring awareness of the spiritual wisdom that becomes channeled through you. Reiki works with your energy centers called the chakras to create a more powerful healing experience. In learning reiki you will receive the wonderful gift of being able to assist yourselves and those around you on their path to greater health and vitality.

Reiki 2 Certification ~ Traditional Usui Lineage with:

Elisha at Namaste Life Center in Medina Ohio

October 19th 10am- 4pm $125 ($75 deposit)

Mediumship Development Class

Opening the portal to communicating with your Guides and Teachers

This class is designed to help you expand your intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities. We will work to help you understand how you are receiving your symbols and help you further to grow in your ability to interpret them. Spirit works with us in many ways to establish our own personal method of communication. It is our pleasure to help you expand your unique abilities to enhance your life.


We host Mediumship Development Circles classes, and private mentoring sessions. All that is required of each participant is a desire to grow their abilities. Everyone in attendance comes with a personal or professional goal. What we work to do is provide an environment free of judgement so that each person will feel safe in testing the information that they are receiving. 

We host the Mediumship Development Circle every 2nd and 4th Tuesday night at Namaste Life Center in Medina Ohio. There is no level of ability required. Feel free to join our Meetup Group for all updates @ Mediumship and Energy Healing in Ohio

Please contact Elisha for more details: 

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