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I am Elisha Caster, and I am here to help assist you in understanding what your goals are, what your purpose is, and how to effectively align yourself with your true nature. What brings you joy? What habits make you happy and feed your soul? What are your heart lead priorities and what motivates you? What are you here to accomplish? These are questions that we will explore together. These same questions lead me to my desire to understand human development and why I believe we are here on earth.

For me, these questions appeared when I was a young girl and would see spirits in my room while trying to fall asleep at night. I believe these spirits were my guides, encouraging me to search deeper within myself when I need to find answers. As I began my undergraduate studies in psychology this awareness grew. After earning my Bachelors degree in Counseling Psychology, I began working with clients as a Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner. During these sessions I began to intuitively gather knowledge that would assist my clients in their progress. This lead me to begin working with a mediumship teacher to develop my spirit communication.

I believe the answers to the questions mentioned above are unique to everyone. I chose a life of learning about human development because of my passion to assist others in understanding these unique truths. And one of the most important lessons I have learned so far, is the vitality that comes from remaining a student of life and human understanding. We are ever changing, and it wise to notice when the answers to these questions have changed for us and the reasons why. 

As my family began to grow, I began to embrace alternative therapies such as; meditation, homeopathy and essential oils. The desire to treat myself and my family holistically and through consciousness development, lead me back to school to earn my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. This was the step that led me into teaching individuals and groups how to move energy and inspire transformation in others. 

I am so grateful and honored to be here with all of you in this healing space. I believe in you and know that together we can work to transform your life into the life you are meant to live.

© 2016 by Elisha Caster

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