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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) was developed in the 1970’s from the understanding that our senses are vital for processing communication between the mind and body. NLP is a methodology used to reframe the way our memories and experiences influence our language and behavior. I always begin these sessions by exploring how each individual uses language in response to their experiences, memories and thoughts. This leads to identifying what parts of our lives we wish to change and how.

NLP techniques used in the coaching environment work directly with our sensory perceptions and the world around us. Each one of us has a unique model of how we view the world and our place in it. As an NLP therapist, it is my job to assist you in understanding your thinking, behavioral and emotional patterns. Understanding these patterns will assist us in creating a unique Mind Map that will help us to zoom in on what the desired change is, along with the roots of its creation. This is the key to developing new strategies that will replace unproductive patterns.

While NLP Life Coaching sessions can be very assertive in bringing about positive change, we still have an obligation to ensure that this lasting change remains. We spend the first session discussing secondary gains and their role in our negative behaviors and emotional patterns. This is of course unique to everyone, and we work to bring awareness to these gains as a means of freeing ourselves before the powerful shift takes place. 

NLP Life Coaching Inspires

Relief from anxiety and panic attacks
Communication skills and speaking with intention
Working with trust and forgiveness
Post- traumatic stress 
Depression and finding purpose and meaning
Relief from traumatic events such as; abuse and neglect 

Every program begins with a 30 minute exploratory session to discover which program would best suit your unique healing process.

During your NLP Life Coaching Program you will have constant email contact with me.

Structure & Fees

1 month program (3 sessions), meeting 2 weeks in a row, and a final session 2 weeks later

3 x 90 minute sessions

2 payments of $225 or one time fee $430

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