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I've known Elisha for half a decade. Of all the coaches and mediums I've met, she is among the most talented and powerful. Her presence creates a feeling of calm while she simultaneously fosters a sacred space conducive to meaningful work. Elisha personally helped me to navigate my way through my fiance's death. I don't know what I would have done without her skills! She is the perfect combination of talent, kindness, experience, and education--I can't recommend her enough! 

Stephen, NC

Elisha is AMAZING!!  She truly is gifted, and is a loving spirit.  Her presence is calming, and her intention is always to help and heal.  I have gone to her for readings, reiki, and have taken an intuition course with her - and every time I am blown away!  I am so grateful she chooses to share her gifts with others, and I admire that she continues to grow and develop herself, always connecting with other mentors and teachers.  I appreciate that before each client she takes time to "tune in" to that person, truly personalizing every session.  She is patient with me, as I often have questions as I work towards an understanding of my inner self.  She is affirming, and she is happy to help, offering suggestions (if desired/applicable) and encouragement.  She has spent a lifetime learning, and it shows!  I am always excited to work with her, as it is special every time.  She is able to connect in a way like no one else I have met, and her healing energy is always felt, even if working with her long-distance.  I have recommended Elisha to others, and they have had positive, life-changing experiences, too!  If you are considering working with Elisha, you have been guided to the right person!  I cannot recommend her and her services enough.  Thank you, Elisha, for the beautiful white light you bring to the world! 

Savannah, MT

I have known Elisha Caster for over 4 1/2 years.  She is a gifted medium and wonderful healer.  I have known and know many gifted mediums and healers in my spiritual journey.  What makes Elisha so special is the purity of her soul and the unconditional love you feel when dealing with her.  I have never heard a negative word from her about anyone or anything.  She operates from a place of love and positivity in everything she does.  Anyone around her is touched by her giving nature and serene essence.  Elisha is truly bringing light to the world and everyone in it.

Jennifer, NC

To say that Elisha helped me on my journey to healing is an understatement. She saved me from the depths of a disease that nearly consumed me. Her healing touches our mind, body, and soul. She helped me deal with my past, in order to move forward to a brighter future. My family and I can't thank her enough for her talents, kindness, and support during my time of need. 

Courtney Taylor, NC

Elisha was wonderful on helping me heal from some very painful memories. She was understanding, non judgmental and extremely caring. with that, I was able to open up about things I don't tell with ease! After working with her, my whole perspective on the situation changed, I was able to finally, understand my role in it. It took me my whole childhood and most of my adult life to realize how this one event was holding me back and hurting me and everyone around me, Elisha helped me let go of the pain , shame and grudge that was holding me on a time that has been gone, but it was still very alive ! Can't thank her enough!

Jhill, NC

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