The Transpersonal Method

The Transpersonal Method has been designed to help you become aware of what is being called forward from within you to heal. We learn this through identifying feelings and emotions that aren't serving your alignment.


I believe that feelings and emotions are energy that should serve to inform us, not run our lives. However, most of us haven't been aware of this concept. It is a challenge with all of the information we come in contact with in our society to remain aware of what is influencing our emotions. We are in some ways taught that our emotions should lead us into decision making and lifestyle changes, and many of us haven't learned to create space to explore our inner guidance. What our emotions and feelings are designed to do is act as little alerts for when we may need to make changes or shift our attention. 

When we bring this new awareness out into the open, it becomes easier to see the patterns that have been present within your life. It becomes easier to create the life you wish to have. 


The Transpersonal Method will help you to:

Find clarity in your life's purpose

Release anxiety to pave the way for joy in your life

Clear the path to your true potential

Accept your emotions, feelings and sensitivities 

Align to your authenticity

Structures and Fees


1 session in person or Skype

1 x 60 minutes

1 payment of $120

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