Reiki Therapy

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a hands on energy healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing on many levels. An individual receiving reiki will lie down on a massage table while listening to some gentle healing music (or on a couch or bed if done remote). The practitioner uses various hand positions to encourage energy flow throughout the body. These positions and sequence are unique to each individual depending on where the energy flow is needed. No two sessions are alike.

Reiki is a unique modality that inspires healing of the physical body while connecting to the mental causes of the discomfort. Reiki is founded on the belief and understanding that illness, discomfort and disease is present because of mental and/or emotional blocks. This is all a very natural part of being human, and a Reiki practitioner is trained to honor this connection, hold space for this connection to heal, and to be nonjudgmental in all ways. 

I am very honored to do Reiki Therapy, and respect all individuals that are willing to create change and inspire personal growth through the openness of their energy body. Every session begins with a period for sharing concerns, expressing mental and physical changes and desired outcomes. Energy Analysis is done and shared with each individual at the beginning and end of the program.

Reiki Therapy Inspires

Pain management
Stress reduction
Understanding negative emotional responses such as; jealousy, anger and resentment
Creating balance and understanding illness
Connecting safely with our traumas and memories to release what is blocking us 
Greater awareness of how our bodies work to heal and supporting this process
Mental and emotional discomfort in relationships with ourselves and others

During your Reiki Therapy Program you will have constant email contact with me. An Energy Analysis will take place at your first and last session of the program. Reiki Therapy Programs can take place in person or over Skype. Sessions taking place over Skype (or remote healing) are just as effective. As Reiki Practitioners there is a large amount of time spent on remote healing during our training. 

1 month program (4 sessions) meeting once weekly for 90 minutes

4 x 90 minutes

2 payments of $180 or one time fee $340

Tune up session, one 90 minute (available for current clients)

1 x 90 minutes

1 payment of $90

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